Handcrafted Firewood Rack Squared Off Style


These Handcrafted Firewood Racks are made from upcycled lumber from local trees harvested from Calgary and the surrounding area. We have crafted a beautiful rustic design that will be an effective decorative wood rack for indoor or outdoor firewood stacking purposes. The firewood racks are made to hold a 1/4 cord of wood and measure out at approximately 4 feet by 6 feet and 14″ deep. Each rack is not identical due to the nature of handcrafted wood however, the design will be consistent.

Product Description & Details

These squared-off handcrafted firewood racks make a fantastic decor for indoor or outdoor firewood stacking needs. They measure out at approximately 4 feet high by 6 feet long and 14" deep to allow 1/4 cord of firewood to stack neatly inside the rack. The firewood racks are crafted out of living edge re-saw lumber from local trees that are harvested in Calgary and surrounding areas. After being planned, they are finished with a wood sealant and polyurethane, sanded and polished. These squared-off handcrafted firewood racks are built to last, and we look forward to seeing our clients enjoy them throughout their firewood experience. An inspirational wood decor addition to any modern or rustic style indoors or outdoors.

Product Story

Timber Ridge Firewood has crafted a unique squared-off firewood rack to help with all your firewood stacking needs. The rack is designed to hold 1/4 cord of firewood. We believe that the firewood experience is more than just the fire and firewood itself but about a community, culture, and style. Due to our company values, we are constantly trying to provide value through more unique and enjoyable products that will make our clients' lives easier and make their firewood experience better. Our arborist company inspired this firewood rack that removes local trees around Calgary and the Surrounding area when they become overbearing or dangerous. Once those trees are removed, we re-saw the raw lumber in unique designs like these firewood racks. Once we have created the live edge lumber, we organize the slabs in the appropriate measurements and diameters to assemble these firewood racks. After all preparation and assembly are complete, we put on the final finishing touches and polyurethane seal/stain. Our process makes it so that our clients receive the highest quality firewood racks that will be a long-lasting and amazing addition to indoor or outdoor decor.

Here at Timber Ridge Firewood, we are committed to providing you with the easiest wood-burning experience possible. We do this by providing you with premium firewood and great quality firewood accessory items in Calgary and surrounding areas. These handcrafted firewood racks are the perfect complementary items to reduce the hassle of wood storage.

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Timber Ridge Firewood is committed to great quality products, amazing customer service, and fine attention to detail. This is reflected in these long-lasting high-quality live-edge decorative firewood racks made locally in Calgary Alberta.

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