At Timber Ridge Firewood we value our clients and want to provide them with a personalized experience from us. We try hard to develop a community of firewood enthusiasts that love to interact with us for all of their firewood needs. For firewood pick-ups, deliveries or firewood bags there is a Timber Ridge employee behind every interaction and purchase. Our company is enthusiastic to serve and puts time and care into our products. Here’s your chance to put a name behind the face and meet the team at Timber Ridge Firewood.

Founder - CEO

I am the strategic visionary and relationship manager for the company. It is important to me that our employees, suppliers, business associates and clients feel valued and appreciated by our company. I work tirelessly to consistently deliver on our promises and keep pushing this company in a positive direction.

Partner - CFO

I am the CFO and general numbers aficionado for the company. I strive for excellence for myself and within the company. My favourite pastime is learning and teaching people about financial literacy, setting them up for a brighter future. Our staff members are family and I help out and treat them as such whenever possible.

General Manager

My name is Spencer Leddy, and I’ve been with Timber Ridge since August 2020. When I’m not working I enjoy participating in and watching all kinds of sports. Movies and television are both passions of mine, and on trivia nights I really come alive. I get outside to the mountains or river with my dogs whenever I can.

Mechanic/Metal Worker

Resident redneck jack of all trades. You can catch me riding my motorbike or in the backcountry hunting. It breaks I fix it. It needs to be built I built it. Do it right do it once.

Content Creator

I am the content specialist for Timber Ridge. My goal is to make your experience with us spectacular and visually appealing. It is my goal for everyone to see through my mind’s reality.

Software Developer

Originated from the USA, now in Calgary, AB enjoying the summers and cursing frigid winters. He enjoys acquiring trivia to add to his vast collection of useless knowledge. 

Brendan Aka. Archie
Assistant Manager

You can catch me living it up climbing mountains, biking ridges and riding around Calgary. Now crunching numbers and pursuing a degree at U of C. I am Part hippy, part scientist, part cowboy. Party on Wayne.

Weekend Manager

I am passionate about the environment and exercising so I usually get outside as much as possible. Hiking, snowboarding and playing sports are typically what I enjoy doing most. I also keep myself busy studying ecology at U of C.

Wood Manufacturer & Delivery Driver

A French Canadian enjoying the beautiful mountain landscape and nature. Road trips, car racing, certified handyman and creative connoisseur. Simply put, I am a simple person who is enjoying life and loves to serve.

Delivery Driver

Just your good ol’ fun-loving guy taking it easy and lightening the mood. I got nothing to say really, I’m just a local homie helping a local homie. All there is to it.

Delivery Driver/Firewood Bagger

New U of C, Bcom graduate. Playing rugby for the Calgary Hornets. Approaching 4 years of developing my skills and growing forward with the Timber Ridge Team.

Joseph F
Firewood Bagger

Ukrainian native, I love playing music and growing my own food in my garden. Family is my top priority and I love bonding with them while creating new memories and adventures.

Firewood Bagger

When I am not producing bags here at Timber Ridge I can be found spending time with my family or spreading enjoyment through my passion for music. I am an avid music creator, always looking to inspire through what I develop.

Firewood Bagger

 Currently, Pursuing an engineering degree at U of C. I have been playing guitar for 10 years and can really shred.  I love being active spending time outdoors or having a social weekend with my family right at home.

Joseph B
Firewood Bagger

I have lived in Canada since I was 8 years old and have fallen in love with the country. I enjoy being out in nature. In my free time, I am having social drinks with my friends and family. I have a new hobby of rug tufting and hope to make some custom ones for my friends.