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Kiln Dried BC Yellow Birch

Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bag
Timber Ridge Firewood – Kiln Dried BC Yellow Birch

Kiln Dried BC Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch is a premium hardwood and is impressive for any of your firewood needs. It is a fantastic wood to burn for indoor, outdoor or cooking and smoking uses. Kiln-dried BC Yellow Birch burns very hot for long period of time, with no popping, crackling and small amounts of low-density smoke. Its coals burn hot and long, leaving little ash and residue with virtually no creosote build-up.

Yellow birch is the gold standard for indoor burning in Calgary. It is ideal for opened and closed burning systems providing an amazing burn,  gradual heat, a pleasant aroma and an overall great burning experience.

Recommended for – Anyone who wants a premium fire with low maintenance and an amazing all-around experience. Makes spatial heating incredibly pleasant with significantly less maintenance or worrying about your open or closed heating systems. Phenomenal for camping or outdoor firepits. Burning Birch will give you the be the best and most pleasant fires you have ever had. Also, versatile for cooking and smoking, it is used for these purposes by some of our local businesses such as The Nash, Notables and St. Lawrence Bagels here in Calgary.

Not ideal for – Someone who is looking for cheap firewood, without much worry about how it burns, or the overall value and experience of their firewood.

Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bag
  • Premium hardwood
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor burning
  • Fantastic heat and burn time
  • Minimal ash, smoke and no popping
  • Fairly aromatic with a sweet and light scent

Quantity Information

Timber Ridge Firewood sells Firewood in bulk. This allows us to give you the best prices possible at highly competitive rates. You can order our Firewood at the following quantities: 1/4 Cord, 1/3 Cord, 1/2 Cord, 3/4 Cord or 1 Full Cord.

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Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bag