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Naturally Seasoned Orchard Apple​

Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bag
Timber Ridge Firewood – Naturally Seasoned Orchard Apple

Naturally Seasoned Orchard Apple​

Our Naturally seasoned Orchard Apple is sourced from orchards in Summerland BC. This applewood is harvested from dormant trees that are no longer fruit-bearing. This is a beautiful dense hardwood that gets split down to size for firewood purposes. Due to the nature of the apple trees, this wood will frequently vary in shape and size. 

Recommended for – Orchard apple is an extremely dense hardwood that burns very hot for a long period of time. Orchard Apple provides a low flame level with moderate smoke and long-burning coals. The heat that comes off of applewood makes it suitable for indoor and spatial heating. Applewood is primarily used for cooking and smoking wood to be burned in barbeques, smokers, pizza ovens, wood stoves or classic wood-fired ovens. You will be pleasantly surprised with the smell and flavours that come with our high-quality Orchard Apple firewood. 

Not recommended for – Orchard Applewood is higher quality firewood than is needed for outdoor burning. We recommend using apple primarily for your specialty firewood needs.

Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bag
  • Premium hardwood
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor burning
  • It Burns long, hot and has long-lasting coals
  • Moderate smoking, ash, and no popping
  • Sweet apple aroma
  • Best used for cooking and smoking

Quantity Information

Timber Ridge Firewood sells Firewood in bulk. This allows us to give you the best prices possible at highly competitive rates. You can order our Firewood at the following quantities: 1/4 Cord, 1/3 Cord, 1/2 Cord, 3/4 Cord or 1 Full Cord.

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Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bag