Types of Wood

Firewood Characteristics

A few factors determine the quality of firewood. Generally, the more you spend on firewood, the longer and hotter your firewood will burn. Firewood gets measured in BTU’s, which is British Thermal Units. The best way to understand this measurement is by the energy output released. The higher BTU’s, the more heat that you get from the firewood your burning. You’ll also experience less popping, less smoke, lower smoke density, cleaner-burning, less residue, and less creosote build-up with higher quality firewood

Timber Ridge Firewood - Mixed Softwood

Premium Alberta Firewood

Summer Camping Mix (Spruce/Pine)

Our summer camping mix is a mix of spruce, white pine and jack pine. It gets sourced from woodcut from our local Arborist Company, Timber Ridge Tree Service. We process the wood with a hydraulic log splitter, which makes the length and sizing variable.

Recommended for – People that are not worried about burning quality and want something that will spark up throwing off good heat and burning nicely for an outdoor fire. A good fit for camping and backyard firepits.

Not ideal for – Someone that is looking for a higher quality wood for outdoor burning. This wood smokes and pops a fair amount making it not suitable for children around fires, beautiful furniture, sensitive eyes, or people not monitoring the fire as it burns. Spruce and Pine are a low-mid quality softwood providing a fair amount of heat and burn time. With this mix, you’ll experience a more significant amount of smoke and popping due to the nature of the wood.

Alberta Lodgepole Pine

Our Alberta Lodgepole Pine is cut dead standing and naturally seasoned then tested with moisture meters to ensure optimal moisture level for burning. It comes from Water Valley, AB and is processed with a Firewood processor making it reasonably consistent in length and sizing.

Lodgepole pine due to its density is significantly better than any Poplar, Spruce or alternative pines such as (White pine or Jack Pine). It burns at a higher heat and lasts longer than lower grade softwood alternatives.

Recommended for – Anyone happy with a mid-grade burn for an outdoor burning experience. You will get a moderate amount of smoke, crackling and popping but an overall enjoyable burn quality.

Not ideal for – Someone that is looking for a high-quality burning with very low smoke, crackling and popping. We do not recommend lodgepole pine to be used indoors due to residue and creosote build-up; however, when in a pinch, you can use it as an alternative when you run out of premium firewood.

This lodgepole pine is mid-grade firewood that creates ideal burning for camping and backyard firepits for an enjoyable aroma and burning experience. You’ll feel you get good value with this firewood option by putting off moderate heat and average burn time.

Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine
Timber Ridge Firewood – Kiln Dried BC Cedar

Premium Kiln-Dried BC Firewood

Our Kiln Dried BC Firewood is cut in British Columbia and processed with a firewood processor making is consistent in length and size. It is then hand stacked into ¼ cord denominations and dried in a commercial kiln. The wood is tested with moisture meters to ensure the optimal moisture level before selling. We pride ourselves in premium quality, perfect moisture level and complete quantity per order.

Kiln Dried BC Cedar

Cedar firewood is a premium softwood that burns hot and fast. It makes excellent kindling because of how easy it is to light. When using cedar as firewood, you will get a quick, hot fire with a delightful atmosphere and aroma. It lets off a moderate amount of smoke, crackling and popping.

Recommended for – Anyone who wants a lovely sweet smell and atmosphere around the fire. Cedar is very aromatic, making it great for social gatherings, festivities and the holidays.

Not ideal for – People using it as a heat source for indoor fires. You do not get the same indoor heating value when burning cedar because of its fast and hot burn. It is suitable for indoor burning for smell and atmosphere, but as a specific heat source, it is not as efficient as alternatives.

Kiln Dried BC Larch/Douglas Fir

Larch and Douglas Fir are premium softwood firewood with high density and premium quality burning. They provide a long and hot burn with low smoke, crackling and popping. Burning this wood leaves a pleasant aroma and scorching coals, making it useful for indoor or outdoor burning. Larch and douglas fir burns clean with a low to moderate amount of residue and creosote build-up.

Recommended for – People that want a premium fire with some crackling and popping for indoor or outdoor fires. You get a much longer burn time and more heat than lower quality softwood firewoods making the value of your wood go farther than alternatives. Burning larch/douglas fir has a pleasant atmosphere and aroma and is our personal favourite in the spring/summer and around holidays.

Not ideal for – Someone that wants no popping, crackling or smoking. It is also not suitable for commercial cooking or smoking because of the amount of flame that comes off the wood, causing charring or burning. When cooking with any softwood, you can experience piny or evergreen like flavour in your food.

Timber Ridge Firewood – Kiln Dried BC Larch/Douglas Fir
Timber Ridge Firewood – Kiln Dried BC Yellow Birch

Kiln Dried BC Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch is a premium hardwood and is impressive for any of your firewood needs. It is a fantastic wood to burn for indoor, outdoor or cooking and smoking use. Kiln-dried bc yellow birch burns very long, very hot, with no popping, crackling and small amounts of low-density smoke. Its coals burn hot and long, leaving little ash and residue with virtually no creosote build-up.

Yellow birch is the gold standard for indoor burning in Calgary. It is ideal for opened and closed burning systems providing an amazing burn, heat, pleasant aroma and on overall great burning experience.

Recommended for – Anyone who wants a premium fire with low maintenance and an amazing all-around experience. Makes spatial heating incredibly pleasant with significantly less maintenance or worry about your open or closed heating systems. Phenomenal for camping or outdoor firepits will be the best and most pleasant fires you have ever had. Also, versatile for cooking and smoking, it is used for these purposes by some of our local businesses such as The Nash, Notables and St.Lawrence Bagels here in Calgary.

Not ideal for – Someone who is looking for cheap firewood, without worrying about how it burns, or the overall value and experience with their firewood.

Naturally Seasoned Silver Birch

Silver Birch is a premium hardwood that is sourced out of Alberta or Saskatchewan. Birch firewood is effective for whatever firewood needs you have either indoor, outdoor, cooking, smoking or spatial heating. The nature of naturally seasoned wood is that it has been air-dried over time. Our silver birch has been seasoned for over 1 year and is cut at a 16″ length with consistent sizing.

Recommended for – Anyone who wants a premium fire with low maintenance and an amazing all-around experience. Makes any firewood experience significantly better and we highly recommend everyone to try birch if you never have. You will no be disappointed.

Not ideal for – Someone who is looking for cheap firewood, without worrying about how it burns, or the overall value and experience with their firewood.

Timber Ridge Firewood - Naturally Seasoned Silver Birch
Naturally Seasoned Orchard Apple

Naturally Seasoned Orchard Apple

Our Naturally seasoned orchard apple is sourced from an orchard in Summerland BC. We get this apple from the orchards once the trees become dormant and no longer are fruit-bearing. The wood is a beautiful dense hardwood that gets split down to size for firewood purposes. Due to the nature of the apple trees, the shape and size will vary more frequently for the apple. 

Recommended for – Orchard apple is an extremely dense hardwood that burns very hot and very long. Apple provides a low flame level with moderate smoke and long-burning coals. The heat that comes off of the apple makes it suitable for indoor and spatial heating. Apple is primarily used as a cooking or smoking wood to be burned in barbeques, smokers, pizza ovens, wood stoves or classic wood-fired ovens. You will not be disappointed with the pleasant smell and flavours that come out of high-quality orchard apple firewood. 

Not ideal for – Apple is higher quality firewood than necessary for outdoor burning. We recommend using apple primarily for your specialty needs

Quantity Information

Timber Ridge Firewood sells Firewood in bulk. This allows us to give you the best prices possible at highly competitive rates. You can order our Firewood at the following quantities: 1/4 Cord, 1/2 Cord, 3/4 Cord or 1 Full Cord.

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