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Fundraising with Timber Ridge


With various types and qualities of firewood sourced from Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, there is an option to suit all your firewood needs.
Consistently providing outstanding firewood with a personalized company-client relationship that delivers an amazing customer experience with every single interaction.
As a firewood company, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best end-to-end firewood experience possible.

We prioritize our community and want to help create a bigger impact by fueling your fundraising efforts!

Path 1

Path 1

The first system works on a consignment agreement where organizations can take our inventory and manage that inventory to create sales and drive profits for their fundraising goals. Ahead of time, we will discuss the wholesale pricing on the inventory provided and the association will be responsible for that inventory however will not pay us anything until the leftover inventory is returned or the organization is coming back to stock up. This way the associations are not expected to purchase out of pocket but only pay us based on how successful their fundraising initiatives are going.
Path 2

Path 2

The second system is based on immediate ownership and responsibility for the products provided. We will discuss wholesale pricing and volumes ahead of time and then provide the association with the products that they desire to purchase. When purchasing at wholesale pricing there will be ample opportunity for the fundraiser to make profits moving items at their respective retail price.
Path 3

Path 3

The third system involves Timber Ridge Firewood taking part in a fundraising event and handling the whole process from A-Z. When we are invited to help with a fundraiser our staff will come with appropriate products to support the event. Any profits made above our wholesale pricing will be donated to the organization we are helping fundraise for. This system allows the association to focus on advertising, marketing, and sales while Timber Ridge takes care of the rest.
With these three different fundraising options available, Timber Ridge Firewood would love to work with you & take part in your fundraising needs!