At Timber Ridge Firewood we strive to create a high-class experience for all our customers. It is the highest compliment when our clients take the time to leave a review of their purchase and experience with our service and product. We trust these make your decision easier and fill you with confidence.

I have used Timber Ridge a few times in the past for firewood. I have purchased 1/4 cord Yellow Birch and Larch. In all cases the experience was easy and quick and the delivery was scheduled shortly after purchase. The firewood was as expected and I considered it high quality. I would definitely buy from them again.

Jay McConnell

This was my first time using Timber Ridge Firewood and they were excellent. When I called they answered the phone and were very professional and more than willing to help fill an order the same day. I chose to pick-up my 1/4 cord of pine. The guys at the site we terrific they were also polite and professional and efficient. They loaded the truck and I was quickly on my way. Most importantly the wood is excellent. All very well dried and seasoned and it burns very well. Without hesitation I would recommend Timber Ridge Firewood. I will definitely be back when I need more.

Neil C

As an Australian living in Canada, I only moved here 5 years ago, I had no real understanding of the burning, heat and ember properties of the wood over here so when I was looking for the best wood to use for outdoor cooking the team at Timber Ridge were able to provide good advice and deliver the wood I ordered in just a matter of days. The first time I used it to spit roast a massive piece of pork it was excellent. On the day it was delivered my neighbour walked past and saw me stacking the 1/4 Cord and was so impressed with the quality she asked where I got it and for the number. Well done Timber Ridge I will only order wood from you in the future.

Carl Kaufman

Incredible prices, prompt service, easy delivery and very knowledgeable. Both Steven & Nicholas whom I have spoken to have been incredibly helpful and have gotten me what I need in a time crunch. Thank-you very much gentlemen for making my camping experience with my family a great event!

Tribro Management Corp

I’ve been to Timber Ridge a few times now and keep going back. I’ve actually had other campers stop at my site asking where it came from because it’s cut so well. I’ve had both their pine and yellow birch and been very happy with the size and it’s dry. On site it’s organized in sections and they help you load it or they offer delivery. Very friendly staff and responsive to inquiries. Way more economical than buying from others I’ve seen especially a campground!

Jason R.

This is the first time I bought from this company and I was extremely impressed with their professionalism. Good contact, good pricing, excellent wood – cut and split the way it should be. The delivery fellow that stacked for me (I am a senior) did a great job and was very friendly. They are definitely my “go to” source for firewood from now on.

Cy Sayles

The yellow Birch is all of absolutely outstanding quality. It is perfectly cut and split into uniform sizes, and thus really fireplace friendly. It was delivered to my home in Canmore, as arranged, and on time. The very friendly and obliging guy who delivered it had to hand carry it all up steep stairs, and then stack it at the back of the house, which he did very neatly.
I like the yellow Birch better than my regular Birch, mainly because it is more uniformly sized. It burns quite slowly, is very hot, and does not spit.

Michael Honey

Timberridge Firewood were super easy and quick to deal with. I purchased a 1/4 cord of birch and have had many amazing fires all summer. And thanks for the assist loading it into my tiny Rav.

Lev Kramar

I really appreciated that I was able to schedule delivery of my firewood around my schedule. This is the second year receiving birch firewood and we have had some wonderful fires in our fireplace. The wood is well seasoned, and burns clean and even. I highly recommend Timber Ridge Firewood for the quality of their wood and their great service.

Debbi Kuran

Excellent buisness located just outside the sw corner of the city. Prime location for heading west camping. We ordered birch from them, picking up was a breeze and they loaded it into our car! The birch burned so warm and no pops or sparks flying and low smoke. Will definitely be a returning customer!

Kristina Wilson

What an amazing surprise, wasn’t sure what to expect as my wife and I ventured out to their place. Amazing quality, great service, seriously good wood at a great price! Really helpful in choosing the right kind of wood, great kindling as well! A must visit!

Ward Cartier

They went out of their way to meet me with a couple bags of beautiful burning, clean wood, one day. This is a top notch company, with friendly, energetic staff! I will buy wood here again in the near future! 😉 Thank you.

Maurice Cardinal