Wood Rocket Stove


  • Elevate your camping experience with our Wood Rocket Stove – a compact 8″ by 8″ powerhouse designed for on-the-go enthusiasts.
  • Ignite the fire for up to 4 hours of sustained warmth and efficient firewood cooking, ensuring you enjoy the great outdoors without interruption.
  • Dual functionality as a stove and personal warmth companion, providing a cozy ambiance for unforgettable outdoor moments.
  • Portable and lightweight, seamlessly integrating into your camping gear for convenient transport and use anywhere, anytime.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of extinguishing the stove for reusability, allowing you to control when and how you fuel your fire.

Upgrade your camping adventures with the Wood Rocket Stove – where sustainability meets superior performance, making every outdoor escape a memorable experience.

Introducing our Wood Rocket Stove – the ultimate camping companion for enthusiasts who crave a seamless blend of functionality and eco-friendly design. Ignite your outdoor adventures with this compact 8" by 8" powerhouse, expertly crafted to redefine your camping experience.

Key Features:

  1. Extended Burn Time: Unleash the power of sustained warmth and cooking with firewood for an impressive 4 hours. Our Wood Rocket Stove ensures you have ample time to savor the great outdoors without worrying about constant refueling.
  2. Efficient Boiling: Experience rapid water boiling at your fingertips. Whether it's for that essential morning coffee or a quick meal, our stove delivers on-demand boiling capability, turning your camping cuisine into a hassle-free delight.
  3. Multi-Functional Warmth: Not just a stove but your personal warmth companion. Embrace the cozy ambiance as this wood rocket stove effortlessly keeps you warm, adding an extra layer of comfort to your outdoor escapades.
  4. Compact and Portable: Measuring a mere 8" by 8", this stove is designed for portability without compromising on power. Tuck it into your camping gear effortlessly and elevate your outdoor cooking experience anywhere, anytime.
  5. Reusability at Your Command: Don't want to use it all at once? No problem. Our wood rocket stove can be easily extinguished and safely stored for later use. Enjoy the flexibility of fueling your fire on your terms.

Fuel your passion for camping, cooking with firewood, and embracing the great outdoors with our Wood Rocket Stove. Unleash the power of sustainable warmth and culinary excellence – because your adventure deserves the best. Upgrade your camping stove game today!