Firewood For Restaurants

Company Values when working with timber ridge

We love supporting our local restaurants because we truly believe in the luxury experience of cooking with firewood!

Kiln Dried Birch For Cooking
Orchard Apple For Cooking

Our Promise

Timber Ridge Firewood provides an exceptional wood delivery service that will be customized for your restaurant’s firewood needs. We understand that restaurants’ focus should be on serving their client’s high-quality cuisine so we help by taking care of the stress of being fully stocked with wood year-round. 

What makes us different?

We work with our restaurants to optimize their firewood utilization, storage, and overall experience. If you have special needs for delivery timelines then we will ensure that firewood deliveries are done when convenient. When it comes to storage we will evaluate the most efficient way to store and handle your firewood by providing firewood racks or other storage solutions. We offer end-to-end service getting you on consistent orders and taking care of the stacking so that your restaurant is always stocked with the easiest firewood experience possible. When it comes to cooking, smoking, or roasting we optimize the size of each firewood piece for our restaurants to make sure that there are no challenges with getting their cooking units up to heat and for staff to focus on food creation instead of splitting wood.  

We have you covered whatever your wood cooking needs may be!

Some of the restaurants we serve

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