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Semi Truck Bulk Douglas Fir & Tamarack


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Timber Ridge Firewood – Semi Truck of Douglas Fir

Semi Truck Douglas Fir & Tamarack Firewood

Douglas Fir & Tamarack are premium softwood firewood. They have high density and offer a premium quality burning experience. While burning this firewood it provides a long and hot burn with low smoke, crackling, and popping. Burning this wood results in a pleasant aroma and scorching coals, making it useful for indoor and outdoor burning. Douglas Fir & Tamarack burn clean with a low to moderate amount of residue and creosote build-up.

Recommended for – People that want a premium fire with minimal crackling and popping for indoor or outdoor fires. You get a much longer burn time and more heat than lower quality softwood firewood making the value of your wood go farther than alternatives. Burning Douglas Fir has a pleasant atmosphere and aroma and is our personal favorite and staff recommendation for spring/summer and holiday events.

Quantity Information

For wholesale clients, Timber Ridge Firewood sells firewood in semi-truck loads. This system allows us to give the best prices possible at highly competitive rates. We have these bulk loads available year-round and can accommodate large volume demand for bigger contracts. All the wood will be delivered dry under 20% moisture content. 

Each truck contains 17-22 Cords when loaded into a walking floor semi-truck trailer. Volume does vary slightly from load to load depending on the maximum weight of the truck however we utilize a bulk conversion method to ensure the quantity of the truck is accurate. For bulk loads, 175 cubic ft loose is equal to 128 cubic ft stacked ensuring our clients receive full cords.


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