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Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bag
Timber Ridge Firewood – Canvas Firewood Carrying Bag

Canvas Firewood Carrying Bag

  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL – Our carrying bags are made with strong canvas to be extremely durable.  This carrier will simplify the firewood experience and save you the troubles associated with hauling firewood.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN – The simple open concept design allows for the use of larger logs, and other products such as tools or scrap lumber without giving up any of the comforts you get from an adjustable cinch and enforced handles. 
  • LOW PROFILE – For simplicity of storage your Canvas Bag folds down. A few quick folds and it is ready to head out with you to the cabin, camping, or store indoors without taking up space. Don’t leave home without the comfort of your firewood carrying bag! 
  • GREAT STORAGE – The Canvas bag will fit very well into any small firewood storage rack you have inside to help keep the dirt, small wood pieces, chips, and chunks off the floors or mantle. This can also work the same without a rack and be its own indoor storage space to minimize mess and keep you focused on the enjoyment of your warm fire. You can use this for storage beside the fire pit outside or storage around your fireplace/wood stove indoors.

Quantity Information

For our wholesale clients, Timber Ridge Firewood sells Canvas Firewood Carrying Bags by the case. This allows us to give you the best prices possible at highly competitive rates. Each case contains 38 Canvas Firewood Carrying Bags, and the dimensions are as follows; 19 inches (wide) x 16 inches (deep) x 16 inches (high), weighing in at 45.8 lbs. Canvas Firewood Carrying Bag cases are compacted and stackable for easy transport!

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Timber Ridge Firewood - Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bag