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Timber Ridge Firewood – Wood Rocket Stove

Premium Wood Rocket Stove

The Wood Rocket Stove is a new and innovative product that can be used indoors or outdoors to create a contained fire anywhere you go. Our wood is all sustainably sourced through Alberta Forestry to ensure we have premium quality wood that keeps our Forests healthy.

Each unit is 8″ by 8″ and will burn for an average of 4 hours.

We use a premium Larch/Tamarack softwood firewood to guarantee a clean, hot and long burn time. As a compact controlled fire you can take the wood rocket stoves with you anywhere you go.

Recommended for the recreational enthusiasts – 

If you are going out camping or to your cabin this will be your go to product for cooking, roasting, or boiling water. Great for Winter camping, ice fishing, or taking with you to the ski hill to have some heat with you. Use it in the city in your backyard or at your next social barbecue. The wood rocket stove will become your best friend for convenience and longevity when used for your burning needs. You can burn it all at once or put it out and re-use it once it’s re-dried to get it fired up again.


Quantity Information

For wholesale clients, Timber Ridge Firewood sells Wood Rocket Stoves on pallets as individual  units.

Each pallet contains 180 Wood Rocket Stoves, and the dimensions are as follows; 40 inches (wide) x 48 inches (deep) x 48 inches (high).

Wood Rocket Stoves are tightly stacked to maximize stability and shrink-wrapped to make transport easy!

Full semi truckloads can accommodate 46 pallets or 8,640 Units.


Ready to Order?

Wood Rocket Stove Outdoor Display

  • Kiln Dried & Pest Free
  •  Self contained compact fire
  • Portable & easy to handle
  • Will boil water in ~60 seconds
  • Burns for over 4 hours

Enhance your burning experience