Swedish Torch


Introducing the Swedish Torch: Revolutionize Your Outdoor Fires

Small – 10-12″ diameter by 16-18″ tall

Medium – 12-14″ diameter by 16-18″ tall

Large – 14-16+” diameter by 16-18″ tall

Key Benefits:

Efficient Design: Experience a controlled and long-lasting burn with the Swedish Torch’s ingenious airflow design.
Portability at its Best: Its compact and lightweight making it the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure.
Eco-Friendly Choice: Crafted from responsibly sourced timber, the Swedish Torch promotes sustainability and minimizes environmental impact.
Hassle-Free Convenience: Say goodbye to complicated firewood setups as the Swedish Torch provides a self-contained, ready-to-use solution.
Versatile and Adaptable: From camping trips to backyard gatherings, the Swedish Torch creates a cozy atmosphere wherever you go.

Discover the Swedish Torch and redefine your outdoor fire experience. Embrace efficiency, sustainability, and convenience with this remarkable fire solution. Elevate your fireside moments and ignite unforgettable memories.

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Timber Ridge Firewood is proud to introduce the new Swedish Fire Torch.  The perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking efficient and eco-friendly fire solutions. Our Swedish Fire Torch offers a remarkable blend of convenience and sustainability, enhancing your outdoor experiences like never before.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Swedish Fire Torch is a compact and portable firewood solution designed to ignite your adventures. Its ingenious design enables efficient airflow, allowing for a controlled and long-lasting burn. With this innovative torch, you can effortlessly create a warm and inviting ambiance, whether you're camping, hiking, or simply enjoying a backyard gathering.

Embracing our commitment to sustainability, the Swedish Fire Torch is crafted from high-quality, responsibly sourced timber. By utilizing natural resources in a responsible manner, we ensure minimal impact on the environment while providing you with a reliable fire source. Say goodbye to cumbersome firewood arrangements and hello to a hassle-free, all-in-one solution.

Key Benefits:

  1. Efficiency: The Swedish Fire Torch offers a clever design that maximizes fuel efficiency, providing a long-lasting burn with minimal effort.
  2. Portability: Its compact and lightweight nature allows for easy transportation, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures or spontaneous get-togethers.
  3. Eco-Friendly: Crafted from sustainably sourced timber, our fire torch promotes responsible use of natural resources, reducing environmental impact.
  4. Convenience: With its self-contained design, the Swedish Fire Torch eliminates the need for complicated firewood setups, providing a hassle-free fire solution.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for various outdoor activities, from camping trips to backyard barbecues, the Swedish Fire Torch adapts to your needs, creating a cozy atmosphere wherever you go.

Discover the transformative power of the Swedish Fire Torch and elevate your outdoor experiences with Timber Ridge Firewood. Embrace efficiency, sustainability, and convenience in every flickering flame.