Spectacular Mystical Fire


Imagine sitting around the campfire, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. Now picture adding a touch of magic to that experience. Introducing Mystical Fire, the enchanting product that transforms your firewood into a rainbow of colors.

With Mystical Fire, you can create a magical atmosphere that will leave everyone in awe. This product is perfect for camping trips, backyard bonfires, or indoor and outdoor gatherings. Not only is it fun for kids, but adults will also love the mesmerizing effect.

Key Benefits

Easy to use: Toss a pack of Mystical Fire into your firewood and watch the magic happen.

Safe: Mystical Fire is made with non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. It is not safe to ingest. 

Long-Lasting: Each pack of Mystical Fire can last up to an hour, providing hours of colorful entertainment.

Affordable: Mystical Fire is an affordable way to add a touch of magic to your burning experience.

Elevate your burning experience today with Mystical Fire. 

Spectacular Mystical Fire is made from a blend of powders that make your fire experience come alive. Once you add Spectacular Mystical flames to any fire you will begin to see vibrant flames that are blue, green, orange, red, and purple. This makes for an unforgettable firewood experience and is awesome for families to enjoy indoors or outdoors.

Magical flames are made easy with our Spectacular Mystical Fire bags. toss an unopened bag into your already lit fire and watch as the magic happens right in front of your eyes. Bags are perfect for backyard fire pits, campfires, bonfires, and indoor fireplaces, safe for both indoor and outdoor use! One bag produces long-lasting coloured flames to add depth to any wood-burning experience more memorable.

Here at Timber Ridge Firewood, we are committed to providing you with the best wood-burning experience possible. We do this by providing you with premium firewood and great quality firewood accessory items in Calgary and surrounding areas. Spectacular mystical fire is the perfect complimentary item to bring magic to any wood-burning occasion.

Great gift idea for father's day gift, mother's day, birthdays, and stocking stuffers, that any nature lover will love!

One pack of Spectacular Mystical Fire lasts up to an hour producing rainbow-coloured flames.

Timber Ridge Firewood is committed to great quality products, amazing customer service, and fine attention to detail. This is reflected in these long-lasting high-quality products.

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