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Premium Firewood for indoor burning. Yellow Birch Firewood for delivery in Calgary & Surrounding areas

by | Apr 1, 2022


At Timber Ridge Firewood, located in Calgary, AB, Canada, we believe clients must understand their products, where they come from, and get the best value from their premium firewood. This blog is the seventh of a series that will cover different types of firewood available in the local market, the features and benefits of each type of wood, and how to utilize wood products effectively. With this knowledge, we hope that firewood users will become more knowledgeable about the products they are purchasing and ensure that they have the best firewood experience possible. Let’s dive right into the seventh part of this series covering Yellow Birch Firewood.

Yellow Birch Tree Sources

Birch Trees have various species such as Silver, Yellow, and Black Birch. In Canada, it is more common to find Silver and Yellow Birch. The Yellow Birch is primarily located in British Columbia and appears in some Saskatchewan forests. In Alberta, it is uncommon to find any yellow birch trees.

Like the Silver Birch, a Yellow Birch has a thin paper-like bark. However, instead of having a pure whitebark, these trees have a yellow hue. Birch trees tend to either grow out like a canopy tree or weep down towards the ground. Their most distinguishing characteristic is the white paper bark that you see on the outside of the tree. When split, the Yellow Birch has a significantly more yellow grain than the traditional Silver Birch with a white grain inside. Next time you are out in British Columbia, keep an eye out for trees with White Paperbark, and you will likely be looking at a Yellow Birch Tree.

Yellow Birch Firewood Characteristics

Yellow Birch as firewood is a dense hardwood that makes for amazing wood-burning indoor and outdoor. The firewood has a straight grain that is easy to split into smaller sizes and makes for consistent burn-through rates. Starting Yellow Birch can sometimes be challenging because of its dense wood fibres. You should get a good base fire going and ignite the birch from its bark to have an easy start. The bark will act as a natural fire starter, making the birch burn beautifully. You will experience a hot long burn with minimal smoke and clean-burning characteristics when burning.

Yellow Birch Firewood Utilization

Yellow Birch firewood works great for indoor and outdoor burning needs. Use it in your fireplace, woodstove, or in your backyard fire pits for recreational burning. Birch is quite versatile and can also be used for smoking and cooking. The wood utilization for yellow birch is whatever burning experience you need it for. This premium wood will provide a great burn no matter what your utilization.

Our Yellow Birch Firewood

Timber Ridge Firewood’s Yellow Birch Firewood comes out of British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We ensure that all the firewood is cut to 15-16″ lengths and is a minimum of one year seasoned or kiln-dried. Our moisture expectations for ideal yellow birch firewood is between 12-15%. When processing and delivering, the wood is all hand stacked to ensure the quantity is accurate and brushed off and the cleanest possible for burning. We pride ourselves in the quality of our Yellow Birch and would recommend that any of our clients looking for a luxurious burning quality give it a try.

Purchasing With Timber Ridge Firewood

At Timber Ridge Firewood, we guarantee our products for quality, dryness, and the quantity you receive. We believe in providing a product and service the promises premium quality, fine attention to detail, and amazing customer service. We work hard to build relationships with our clients and want our products and accessories to create the best firewood experience possible for all of our clients.


About Timber Ridge Firewood

Timber Ridge Firewood is a family-owned and operated firewood company that offers our services to Calgary and surrounding areas. Nicholas and Steven Boivin are the founders and owners of the company. We work diligently to create the easiest and best firewood experience for all of our clients.