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Silver Birch is an Amazing Local Option for Premium Indoor or Outdoor Burning

by | Mar 4, 2022


Knowing how your products work and where they come from will get you the best value from your premium firewood. If you’re reading this, congratulations! – Keeping up with our blogs is step one to having a great firewood experience. At Timber Ridge Firewood we are committed to providing valuable educational content. With this knowledge, we hope that firewood users will feel confident in creating the best firewood experience possible. Let’s dive right into the fifth part of this series covering Silver Birch Firewood.

Silver Birch Tree Sources

Alberta Silver Birch is a hardwood whitebark tree found in some forests and on residences across Alberta. Its green leaves can create beautiful canopies or weep downwards towards the ground. These trees are distinct because of their white bark and the distinct characteristics of how they grow. Birch trees are a sensitive type of tree that experience significant die-back when there is erratic weather. In addition, many animals and insects utilize birch in natural habitats because of its sweet sap and wood structure. The Silver Birch is moderately rare in Alberta, and as firewood, they are pretty scarce. Silver Birch is the only local hardwood with enough volume to provide hardwood for heating or cooking. Over the years, birch availability has declined, and there have been forestry objectives to replenish birch forests in Northern Alberta.

Silver Birch Firewood Characteristics

As firewood, birch is a very dense hardwood. This density results in heavy firewood with a high degree of wood fibers closely packed together. Once dry, birch firewood acts as excellent firewood for indoor or outdoor burning. When burning, you will find that birch burns between 2-3X as long as low-quality softwood. Birch doesn’t pop or crack and has low smoke, low ash, and fantastic heat. Due to these burning characteristics, we recommend birch firewood to anyone looking for exceptional quality firewood.

Silver Birch Firewood Utilization

Alberta Silver Birch firewood works great for indoor and outdoor burning purposes. As hardwood firewood it also makes it suitable for cooking or smoking. This versatile firewood is premium anywhere you use it. When burning outdoors, you will find you get an amazing result with long burn time, fantastic heat, and low smoke.

As indoor firewood, birch is the perfect option in either a wood stove or an indoor fireplace. Across Alberta, thousands of people choose birch as their primary indoor wood as it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Restaurants we serve use birch for their pizza ovens or cooking their meats, as birch provides just the right amount of smoke, heat, flames, and burn time to create exceptional quality food. Because of birch’s wood density, it can be tricky to ignite without additional tools, but once it gets going, it will burn beautifully. Use kindling or fire starters to get a good base fire going for best results.

Our Silver Birch Firewood

Timber Ridge Firewood sources its Alberta birch from far Northern and far Southern Alberta. These geographic locations have the highest density of birch forests and allow the forestry sector to sustainably maintain them. The birch trees’ moderate size allows us to maintain a more consistent firewood size than some alternative trees. We believe in a premium birch providing the perfect firewood for any of your needs. Dried to the perfect moisture and cut into 15-16″ lengths, our birch is manageable for any burning system utilized.

Purchasing With Timber Ridge Firewood

At Timber Ridge Firewood, we guarantee our products for quality, dryness, and the quantity you receive. We believe in providing a product and service the promises premium quality, fine attention to detail, and amazing customer service. We work hard to build relationships with our clients and curate our products and accessories to bring you the best firewood experience possible.


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