Naturally Seasoned Lodgepole Pine Firewood

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Our Alberta Lodgepole pine is sourced directly from the lumber industry providing only high-quality dry pine for indoor or outdoor burning. Lodgepole pine is a mid-quality dense softwood that works great for all your recreational firewood burning needs. It is cut to an average 16″ length, split and dry upon delivery.

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Alberta Lodgepole Pine

Our Alberta Lodgepole Pine is cut dead standing and naturally seasoned then tested with moisture meters to ensure optimal moisture level for burning. It comes from Water Valley, AB and is processed with a Firewood processor making it reasonably consistent in length and sizing.

Lodgepole pine due to its density is significantly better than any Poplar, Spruce or alternative pines such as (White pine or Jack Pine). It burns at a higher heat and lasts longer than lower grade softwood alternatives.

Recommended for –

Anyone happy with a mid-grade burn for an outdoor burning experience. You will get a moderate amount of smoke, crackling and popping but an overall enjoyable burn quality.

Not ideal for –

Someone that is looking for a high-quality burning with very low smoke, crackling and popping. We do not recommend lodgepole pine to be used indoors due to residue and creosote build-up; however, when in a pinch, you can use it as an alternative when you run out of premium firewood.

This lodgepole pine is mid-grade firewood that creates ideal burning for camping and backyard firepits for an enjoyable aroma and burning experience. You’ll feel you get good value with this firewood option by putting off moderate heat and average burn time.

Shipping and stacking is optional at an additional cost

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