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How to Make the Perfect S’more + a fun twist that will make you say YUM!

by | Jun 8, 2021

The s’more is a classic fireside snack that will never go out of style. Making them is a great activity for snuggling up to a fireplace indoors or chatting with friends around a backyard fire pit. Easy, quick, and fun, you can whip them up in three simple steps:

Step One: Acquire ingredients and supplies.

To make the perfect s’more you’ll need graham crackers, your favourite chocolate bar, and fluffy jumbo marshmallows. To toast your marshmallow you’ll want to use a long metal roasting fork; some even have multiple prongs so you can double the fun.

Step Two: Roast that marshmallow!

Use the fork to skewer your marshmallow and get comfy. I find it works best when you pick a spot towards the underside of a log, slow roasting your marshmallow to a perfect golden brown. If you get too close to a flame your marshmallow can quickly catch fire and burn to a crisp which is not ideal.

Step Three: Assemble the S’more

Once you’ve cooled the marshmallow to a temperature you can easily grab with your fingers without getting burned, you are ready to put the ingredients together. Break a graham cracker in half and place a square of chocolate on the cracker that will become the bottom of your sandwich. Place your marshmallow on top of the chocolate and top it off with the other half of your graham cracker. Voila!

Once you’ve mastered the classic s’more you can experiment with all kinds of variations. My favourite: Slather a graham cracker with some peanut butter. Yes, you heard me. Peanut Butter. It’s truly a game-changer if you’re willing to stray from the expected. The adventurous among us even add a slice of banana. I stand for the banana/chocolate/peanut butter combo. Give it a try and let me know what you think – bonus points for sharing your own secret flavour combos!


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