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Effective Safety Strategies for Indoor Winter Fires

by | Jan 26, 2023

Want to have a Comfy yet Safer Fireplace? Don’t Worry we’ve got you.

In the freezing cold, people prefer to stay inside their homes and warm themselves up by setting up a cosy fireplace. These fireplaces are often set up in a way to give a beautiful ambiance to your home!

However, it’s recorded that 66% of fires in homes were caused by mismanaging chimneys and wood stoves. It was observed that either the affected people had kept the stove on for long hours or they didn’t take care of the surroundings.

In this blog, we’ll be providing you with some useful tips that might help you in maintaining a warm space without risking dangerous results.

Get a Cleaning

Some fires are caused by a build-up of creosote, a by-product of burning wood, in the chimney flue. The creosote can catch fire and start a chimney fire when the temperature within the flue rises to a certain point. The flue material may split or separate since it was not intended to withstand the high temperature of a direct fire, which could cause the building’s structural components to catch fire.

You can easily sort the problems out when you get a chimney sweeper hired who can take enough care of your fireplace. To eliminate these issues, each of these systems needs to be cleaned, inspected, and maintained at least once a year.

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Check the Damper

Most homeowners forget to check the damper when they are starting up their fireplace after a warm summer. It could be stuck or there could be debris piled on top of it or it could be rusty and need to be replaced. Always check this before getting those winter fires roaring.

Get a Spark arrestor

A spark arrestor is a protective screen that is placed to provide coverage for the Chimneys.

It can stop hot embers from the chimney from falling out and igniting the roof’s roofing material, leaves, or other debris. Also, put carbon monoxide detectors in your home on each story.

Get fire safety screen

If you do not have a glass door or window on your woodburning fireplace, a fireplace screen helps to catch any undesirable embers so that they don’t come out of the boundary of the fireplace.

Put the fire out

It is vital to put the fire out before you leave the room, or head to bed. Even the smallest ember left unattended could potentially lead to a fire in the home. One wrong draft coming through can sweep it into the room and create a spark.


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