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Douglas Fir Firewood is Your Perfect Firewood for Your Indoor or Outdoor Burning Experience

by | Feb 4, 2022


At Timber Ridge Firewood, we believe clients get value from understanding how their products work and where they come from. This blog is the third of a series that will cover different types of firewood available in the local market, the features and benefits of each type of wood, and how to utilize wood products effectively. With this knowledge, we hope that our clients will become more knowledgeable about the products they are purchasing and ensure that they have the best firewood experience possible. Let’s dive right into the third part of this series covering Larch/Douglas Fir Firewood.

Douglas Fir Tree Sources

The Douglas Fir Trees are native to British Columbia, and that is their primary location across Canada. They are an evergreen species of tree with very thick bark and lighter evergreen needles compared to other species. In Alberta, you will see some Douglas Fir trees, but they are significantly less common. Like most evergreens, the males produce smaller cones and produce pollen, whereas the females produce larger cones that are seed-bearing. We have close relationships with companies that work directly with BC Forestry so that we can bring Douglas Fir firewood into Alberta for our clients to enjoy. The Douglas Fir trees produce beautiful dense firewood with dark red wood grain on the inside.

Douglas Fir Firewood Characteristics

When using Douglas Fir as Firewood, you will notice that the wood is heavy compared to other softwood firewood. Douglas Fir has very dense wood grains, resulting in more wood fibers per piece of firewood. Due to the firewood density, Douglas Fir can burn longer and produce more heat in BTUs than most alternative softwood firewood. When compared to lower quality wood like spruce or poplar, there is a significant difference in heat and burn time. This firewood type will burn roughly 1.5X as long as spruce or poplar. The other relevant burning characteristics for Douglas Fir are the smoke, popping, and residue. This type of wood has a low quantity of popping, low to mid-level smoke, and a low to mid-level of residue. It is considered a premium softwood as firewood, and our clients love using it for the burning experiences.

Douglas Fir Firewood Utilization

Douglas Fir Firewood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor utilization. When burning indoors, I love to use the bark to create a fire with some pieces of kindling. That combination creates the perfect base to get the Douglas Fir lit and burning bright. The increased value in heat and burning characteristics makes it much more suitable firewood for outdoors than spruce or pine. This firewood is more family-friendly for recreational use and will prevent you from getting smoked out around the fire pit. It lets off a pleasant aroma around the holidays or when making smores around the campfire. We love utilizing douglas fir firewood and encourage our clients to try it for whatever their firewood needs are.

Our Douglas Fir Firewood

Our Douglas Fir firewood comes from southern and central BC, providing the highest quality Douglas Fir that you can get in Alberta. We work diligently to ensure that our firewood is of premium quality with good sizing and a guaranteed moisture level with each order.

Our firewood is always dried for our clients before sale so that it is ready to be used right away. The wood is processed to 15-16″ lengths and has some variation in the size of pieces. We try to keep sizing consistent, but with the large trees coming out of BC, the average size of douglas fir is bigger than our alternative types of firewood. These big pieces make it have long-lasting fires in your campfire or indoor burning units. At Timber Ridge, we love Douglas Fir and encourage our clients to try it out and see why the people in BC have enjoyed this firewood for 100’s of years.

Purchasing With Timber Ridge Firewood

At Timber Ridge Firewood, we guarantee our products for quality, dryness, and the quantity you receive. We believe in providing a product and service the promises premium quality, fine attention to detail, and amazing customer service. We work hard to build relationships with our clients and want our products and accessories to create the best firewood experience possible.


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