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Cedar Firewood will be a Game-Changer for Your Next Social Gathering

by | Feb 18, 2022


At Timber Ridge Firewood, located in Calgary, AB, Canada, we believe clients must understand their products, where they come from, and get the best value from their premium firewood. This blog is the fourth of a series that will cover different types of firewood available in the local market, the features and benefits of each type of wood, and how to utilize wood products effectively. With this knowledge, we hope that firewood users will become more knowledgeable about the products they are purchasing and ensure that they have the best firewood experience possible. Let’s dive right into the fourth part of this series covering Cedar Firewood.

Cedar Tree Sources

The beautiful Cedar trees are generally located in British Columbia. You will see some cedars in Alberta and other parts of Canada; however, they fail in comparison to the size of British Columbia Cedars. Cedar trees can be giant with bark that runs vertically and looks like they can peel right off the tree. Instead of leaves you’ll find soft bristle branched needles. These trees are unique and provide a very different type of firewood compared to any other firewood species. We work with companies connected to BC Forestry so we can sustainability provide cedar firewood to our clients.

Cedar Firewood Characteristics

From the first moment you touch, feel, and use cedar firewood, it will be different from any other firewood you have used. Cedar is very light softwood firewood with a straight grain making it easy to split into great firewood pieces. When you pick up a piece of cedar firewood, the weight of the wood is determined by the low density of the firewood. When you ignite a piece of Cedar, you will find that it burns hot and fast. Cedar produces a moderate amount of smoke with some crackling and popping. What makes Cedar the most unique is the sweat and pleasant aroma released when burning. These characteristics make fantastic Cedar kindling and excellent firewood for a more social setting.

Cedar Firewood Utilization

Cedar Firewood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor burning needs. You get great heat from Cedar as outdoor firewood, but you will find that you have to continue adding wood to the fire frequently because of how quickly it burns. However, no other type of wood will provide the type of aroma and atmosphere that Cedar can. Cedar will help bring people together by creating a social environment when camping or enjoying the outdoors. Using Cedar for indoor burning makes the perfect firewood for hosting, socializing, or around the holidays. When that Cedar aroma seeps into your home from the fireplace or woodstove, everyone will be able to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of the fire. We highly recommend trying out our cedar firewood to experience the pleasant aroma and figure out just why it is so lovely to enjoy.

Our Cedar Firewood

At Timber Ridge Firewood, we source our Cedar from southern and central BC to provide the highest quality cedar possible. All of our cedar firewood comes from real BC cedars that are processed and brought to the perfect moisture levels for burning. With the size nature of cedars, firewood pieces can be on the larger side, but we do our best to maintain sizing that can be utilized for all our firewood clients. We process Cedar to a 15-16″ length, making it perfect for use in your indoor or outdoor wood system. We highly recommend trying out our Cedar for events or the holidays.

Purchasing With Timber Ridge Firewood

At Timber Ridge Firewood, we guarantee our products for quality, dryness, and the quantity you receive. We believe in providing a product and service the promises premium quality, fine attention to detail, and amazing customer service. We work hard to build relationships with our clients and want our products and accessories to create the best firewood experience possible for all of our clients.


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