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From Our Family to Yours. Fire, Passion, & Perseverance, The Story of Timber Ridge

by | Nov 28, 2020

Timber Ridge Firewood was created out of a passion. Passion for production, relentless hard work, and the ability to be agile while learning to adapt.

Our Mission

We strive to be consistent in providing excellent firewood with a personalized company-client relationship that delivers an amazing customer experience.

Our Vision

We want Timber Ridge Firewood to be recognized as a leader in the firewood industry. Once Timber Ridge Firewood is a recognized local brand leader, we will expand into adjacent markets and leverage our loyal client base to become an Alberta household name in the firewood industry and adjacent market places.

Our Values

  • Great quality firewood
  • Fine attention to detail
  • Amazing Service

Steven Boivin (CEO) - Timber Ridge FirewoodSteven Boivin (CEO)

I started Timber Ridge Firewood when I was 17 years old. What began as a sister company to my parent’s company Timber Ridge Tree Service has grown beyond what we expected.

I would have never thought that the business would turn into what it is today.

It all started with a problem. My parent’s company had a farm property with years of seasoned logs from their tree business. The government annexed that property, and we had an immediate need to relocate or dispose of those logs.

I decided that I would take a stab at selling them over my summer holidays from high school.

How Timber Ridge Firewood got its start

  1. I purchased a wood splitter for processing and quickly got to work, producing dry firewood to sell. Fast forward a few months, and things had rapidly changed. I had become well versed in firewood industry, the competitive space, and basic marketing to attract clients to my business. My first summer was a resounding success, and it sparked a fire inside of myself to dream big. I quickly sold through my parent’s firewood supply and needed to find a firewood source to continue expanding.
  2. I had discovered the premium firewood market and began networking within industry to source wood from Alberta and British Columbia. One key connection to a firewood provider in Canmore named Mike Jones gave me my start into commercial firewood expansion. Mike introduced me to my first large scale supplier that I was able to get dry firewood from year-round consistently.

Who Timber Ridge Firewood is today

  • a well established Firewood company serving Calgary and surrounding areas.
  • We supply mid-high quality firewood in the commercial and residential sectors.
  • We have a robust supply chain of premium firewood that comes from Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
  • We employ 7-Full time employees who allow us to meet market demands. This allows us to be consistent in serving our clients with the best product, experience and customer service.
  • We serve over 2,000 clients per year and support the firewood for businesses like The Nash, Notables, Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Co. and St. Lawrence Bagels.

Closing Remarks

At Timber Ridge Firewood we are dedicated to our values, clients and culture. We strive to achieve greatness through hard work and the appreciation we have for our employees and clients’ continual support. We will continue to be consistent, accessible and provide amazing products with unmatched service. Our focus is on continual growth to meet the market demand and to be your go to firewood supplier.


About Timber Ridge Firewood

Timber Ridge Firewood is a family-owned and operated firewood company that offers our services to Calgary and surrounding areas. Nicholas and Steven Boivin are the founders and owners of the company. We work diligently to create the easiest and best firewood experience for all of our clients.