CoMMERCIAL FIrestarters

Available For Distribution Across Canada

Timber Ridge Firewood - Firestarter 24PCS Box

Boxes of Firestarters

  • EASY, SIMPLE & LONG-LASTING FIRES – Our Fire starters light up with ease and go for a burn time of 5 minutes per piece. This coupled with kindling gets the fire roaring.  These fire starters will act as the perfect tinder for your next fire. 
  • WATER RESISTANT – Our Firestarters are made with paraffin wax allowing them to start in much harder conditions and keeping them water-resistant. 
  • SMALL & PORTABLE – Small enough to take just a few with you when traveling or camping, or take the whole box if you have more space. Very portable and good for the Cabin, Camping, or going over to a friend’s place for a Friday bonfire! 
  • NON-TOXIC ALL NATURAL – Our Firestarters are made up of wood wool, paraffin wax, and kiln-dried wood shavings. Safe for children, pets, and adults so everyone can join in on the fire experience. 

Quantity Information

For our wholesale clients, Timber Ridge Firewood sells UK Firestarters by the case. This allows us to give you the best prices possible at highly competitive rates. Each case contains 50 UK Firestarters 24 pack boxes.  UK Firestarters cases are compacted and stackable for easy transport!

Please refer to the image for a visual representation.

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  • 5 Minute Burn Time
  •  Non-Toxic
  • Orderless
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to Light

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