UK Imported Wood Fibre Firestarters

From $12.00

Our Firestarters are made from wool fibres, paraffin wax and kiln-dried wood all bundled together to make starting your fire effortless. Each bag contains 24 pieces. We offer 1 bag for $12, 2 bags for $20 and 5 bags for $40. Don’t forget to pick up your firestarters to make starting your fires easier and more convenient than ever before!

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These Wood Fibre Firestarters are imported overseas from the UK to make starting your fires absolutely effortless. They are made from wound wool fibre, paraffin wax and kiln-dried wood fibres all bundled up to give you the best fire-starting experience you have ever had. The average burn time is 5 minutes from ignition to burn through. You can start a fire with a single firestarter effortlessly just put your kindling over top and light it up.


1 Bag, 2 Bags, 5 Bags

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