Timber Ridge Matchboxes

From $2.00

At Timber Ridge Firewood we want to provide everything you need for an end-to-end fire experience. We have developed 3 matchboxes that will make getting your fires going effortless and convenient anywhere you go. We offer a standard 2-Inch matchbox with 24 sticks, a 4-inch matchbox with 15 sticks and a special feature 4-inch drum matchbox with 15 sticks.


Timber Ridge Firewood is a full suite service company for all your firewood needs and firewood accessories. We have developed 3 unique styles of matchboxes to make getting your fires going convenient and accessible either at home or recreationally. Our sleek designs and high-quality matches provide a sense of fire with style. The small box is a 2-Inch 24 unit matchbox, the medium box is a 4-inch 15 unit matchbox and our specialty drum matches are 4-inches with 15 units inside each container.


2-Inch Matchbox, 4-Inch Premium Drum Matchbox, 4-Inch Standard Matchbox