Naturally Seasoned BC Yellow Birch Firewood


Birch firewood is the gold standard for outdoor or indoor burning. With quality characteristics across the table, you’ll be left ecstatic with your burning experience. 

Key Benefits:

High Heat Yield & Burn Time: Birch is at the top of the spectrum in heat and burns long, pumping out about 26 BTU and burning 2-3X longer than low-quality softwood

No Popping: Due to birch being a highly dense hardwood, it can’t pop. 

Low Resin & Sap: Once dry, birch retains very low resin & sap, which makes it burn through clean, providing little ash and creosote build-up

Low Smoke: It emits low-density smoke that does not irritate your eyes or flow into your home when burning indoors. 

Pleasant Aroma: After igniting birch, it releases a sweet and supple aroma that will fill the air to provide a warm and welcoming burning experience.

Versatility: Birch is an all-around favorite for indoor, outdoor, and cooking being perfect for firepits, wood stoves, fireplaces, smokers, and pizza ovens

Our Guarantee:

We’re so confident in the quality of our firewood that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know, and we’ll make it right. We stand behind our products and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. 

The wood is guaranteed split, dry, and ready to burn upon delivery with an average 16? cut (subject to some length variation).

Experience the gold standard of firewood with birch. Whether you are burning indoors, outdoors, or cooking, birch firewood is a suitable option that will blow you away with just how amazing the experience is. 

Stacking is exclusive to firewood delivery. Our firewood experts will professionally stack your firewood to accommodate your storage space and conduct a clean-up afterward.
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Naturally Seasoned BC Yellow Birch Firewood

Our silver birch has been naturally seasoned for over 1 year. Naturally seasoned will still burn comparable to a kiln-dried product however there are some pieces that can be inconsistent due to a variety of wood densities. We burn test and moisture test our firewood before sending it out but with naturally seasoned you can have the odd piece that is still holding moisture.  

Birch is a premium hardwood and is impressive for any of your firewood needs. It is a fantastic wood to burn for indoor, outdoor, or cooking and smoking use. Birch burns very long, very hot, with no popping, crackling and small amounts of low-density smoke. Its coals burn hot and long, leaving little ash and residue with virtually no creosote build-up.

Birch is the gold standard for indoor burning in Calgary. It is ideal for opened and closed burning systems providing an amazing burn, heat, pleasant aroma, and an overall great burning experience.

Recommended for -

Anyone who wants a premium fire with low maintenance and an amazing all-around experience. Makes spatial heating incredibly pleasant with significantly less maintenance or worry about your open or closed heating systems. Phenomenal for camping or outdoor firepits will be the best and most pleasant fires you have ever had. Also, versatile for cooking and smoking, it is used for these purposes by some of our local businesses such as The Nash, Notables, and St.Lawrence Bagels here in Calgary.

Not ideal for -

Someone who is looking for cheap firewood, without worrying about how it burns, or the overall value and experience with their firewood.

Shipping and stacking is optional at an additional cost