Matchboxes & Drums


At Timber Ridge Firewood we want to provide everything you need for an end-to-end fire experience. We have developed 3 matchboxes that will make getting your fires going effortless and convenient anywhere you go. We offer a standard 2-Inch matchbox with 24 sticks, a 4-inch matchbox with 15 sticks and a special feature 4-inch drum matchbox with 15 sticks.

Timber Ridge Firewood is a full suite service company for all your firewood needs and firewood accessories. We have developed 3 unique styles of matchboxes to make getting your fires going convenient and accessible either at home or recreationally. Our sleek designs and high-quality matches provide a sense of fire with style. The small box is a 2-Inch 24 unit matchbox, the medium box is a 4-inch 15 unit matchbox and our specialty drum matches are 4-inches with 15 units inside each container. Ideal for any occasion, strike one up and have some smores or roast a hotdog over a roaring fire. These will enhance the experience greatly with their quick easy starts.

Here at Timber Ridge Firewood, we are committed to providing you with the easiest wood-burning experience possible. We do this by providing you with premium firewood and great quality firewood accessory items in Calgary and surrounding areas. These matchboxes and drums are the perfect complimentary items to reduce the hassle of starting a fire. You can rest easy knowing your fire is not lit with harmful chemicals to burn like ink, plastic, or glue.

Great gift idea for father's day gift, mother's day, birthdays, stocking stuffers, that any nature lover will love!

Matchboxes are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to locate.

Timber Ridge Firewood is committed to great quality products, amazing customer service, and fine attention to detail. This is reflected in these long-lasting high-quality products.

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