Decorative Cedar Multipurpose Rounds


These decorative cedar rounds are only limited by your imagination. They make for a perfect edition in any modern or rustic setting. Use them as chairs or tables around the fire or even bring them into your home as end tables or side tables. We offer 3 different sizes, Small – $30, Medium – $40 and Large – $50. The small rounds are 7″-10″ diameter, medium is 10″-13″ diameter and large are 13″-17″+ diameter.

These decorative cedar rounds come in from central BC sourced from beautiful red cedars. The trees are forested and the bark peeled off to reveal the beautiful cedar grain beneath the bark. These multipurpose cedar rounds make for an awesome decorative look in any rustic or modern setting. You can use them as chairs around the fire, side tables or end tables in your house, drink holders, or any other fantastic idea that you can think up.

Here at Timber Ridge Firewood, we are committed to providing you with the easiest wood-burning experience possible. We do this by providing you with premium firewood and great quality firewood accessory items in Calgary and surrounding areas. These BC decorative cedar rounds are the perfect complimentary item to aesthetically improve your backyard fire pit sitting area.

These decorative cedar rounds are a great gift idea for father's day, mother's day, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, etc.

Sizing Information

Timber Ridge Firewood is proud to offer 3 different sizes, Small - $30, Medium - $40 and Large - $50. The small decorative cedar rounds are 7"-10" diameter, medium is 10"-13" diameter and large are 13"-17"+ diameter.

Timber Ridge Firewood is committed to great quality products, amazing customer service, and fine attention to detail. This is reflected in these long-lasting high-quality products.

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