Artisan Decorative Cedar Tables


You can use this artisan finished cedar round as a chair around the fire, side tables or end tables in your home. They make for fantastic drink holders and any other creative idea that you can think up. The small rounds are 8-12″ diameter, medium at 12-16″ and large are 16″ plus. The average height is 16″- 22″. If you would like specific sizing, please include details in the notes section of your order.

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Artisan Cedar Side/End Table Details

Timber Ridge Firewood presents artisan decorative cedar tables. These handmade tables make for the perfect cedar side table decor for modern decoration ideas. The rounds have been wood-stained, and we offer two different styles suitable for light wood or dark wood cedar side table aesthetics. Great to use as cedar end tables or cedar side tables in the house, and ideal for sitting around the fire. They make an excellent addition to any room and complement a modern or rustic aesthetic. The right style for a table decor piece can improve the feel of any in-home design.

These cedar side tables come in raw wood form from central BC sourced from beautiful red cedars. The trees are extracted from forestry blocks and then debarked to reveal the rich cedar grain beneath the bark. You can create a fabulous creative look to spice up your home decor and firewood experience with these decorative cedar table pieces.

We offer Small, Medium, and Large with custom sizing options if requested. We do our best to make every cedar table piece unique and are open to any custom requests or suggestions to ensure your cedar side/end tables are precisely what will fit best in your home.

Timber Ridge Product Story

At Timber Ridge Firewood, we are diligent in ensuring that the quality of our products is top-notch. Our decorative wood experts take their time to create every cedar table with passion and unique creative touch. No two pieces are the same, but if you are looking for a set, we can do our best to make them as close to the same as possible.

Cedar Table Creation Process

The cedar pieces are cut level with a bandsaw, then plained to ensure a flat and level surface. After preparation and leveling, we use belt sanders and hand sanders to create a smooth surface. We sand down all sides to remove any imperfections or rough edges in the cedar logs. After the sanding process, the cedar logs are sprayed with a wood sealant and left to dry. Once the sealant has dried, we can begin the finishing process. We drill a hole through the cedar logs to thread a soft rope through, allowing easy movement anywhere you want to take them. The rope acts as a handle, and we are now ready to do the final stain. We then stain the cedar rounds with 2-3 coats. Once stained, we do a final sealing spray, and the Artisan Decorative Cedar Tables are ready to be added to our customer's homes.

Timber Ridge Firewood is committed to great quality products, amazing customer service, and fine attention to detail. This is reflected in these long-lasting high-quality products.

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