Affordable Chaff, Kindling and Firewood Bags


These Wood Bags are composed primarily of kindling and our smaller cut offs of assorted wood. These make for great kindling and fire starters with assorted sized pieces. By bagging this wood we help increase our utilization of natural wood products which helps us hit our Sustainability targets. Take advantage of these great chaff wood bags at a great price today.

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SKU: chaff-firewood-bags Category: Tags: , , ,

Timber Ridge Firewood creates these bags with sustainability in mind. When we remove wood from the forestry sector it is our goal to have maximum utilization from all of our wood products. These assorted bags help us make sure that we use the whole tree and cuts down on our waste products. All the wood is dry and ready to go providing a good burn. The largest factor with this wood is each bag is different with a wide variety of sizing. This makes it a great Firestarter bag or something that you can toss onto an already roaring fire to light up quickly and provide good heat.

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