Timber Ridge Firewood can accommodate any size of commercial firewood requirements ready for production and distribution

Timber Ridge Firewood is now bagging firewood for wholesale and commercial distribution. We offer competitive prices, unprecedented flexibility and quality control to ensure you get the highest quality product with consistent volume fulfillment. We are always open to new firewood opportunities and are eager to serve.

We are capable of providing these bags directly to the store or through a distributor for re-distribution. Our process and supply chain can consistently supply large volumes of firewood bags year-round.

  • Premium softwood firewood
  • Clean kiln dried and ready to burn
  • 100% dry, bug-free and easy to ignite
  • Consistent length and variable sizing
  • Easy to use for any burning situation
  • Compact and portable to take with
    you anywhere you go

Kiln Dried Bagged Firewood

Bag Size – 1 Cubic Foot
Bag Dimensions – 24″ x 12″ x 6″
Bag Weight – Avg. 15 Pounds
Units Per Pallet – 40 Bags/Pallet
Pallet Dimensions – 40″ x 48″ x 4″
Pallet Cube – 40 Cubic Feet
Avg Pallet Weight – 800 Pounds
Avg Pallets Per Truck – 44

Firewood Specification Sheet