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How Many Cords and What Types of Wood? Timber Ridge Answers your Top Questions!

by | Nov 5, 2022

As the cold weather begins to become a reality the question that must be popping in your mind on and off is how many wood cords you will need this winter season. This task can be particularly overwhelming and difficult for you if you are a newbie to using wood in your home to heat or are just trying to be proactive in your recreation stockpile.

The quantity of wood cords you need is associated with different factors. Experience is also an important factor in purchasing wood cords which is why we are here for you! With years of experience, you can be confident that your purchase from us meets your winter wood needs.

In this blog, we’ll have a brief look at how we measure wood and what to consider when ordering for your home or recreation.

Measurements of wood cords:

measurement of wood cords

When it comes to measuring wood, weight is not what we are worried about. Instead, wood is measured in cords. What is a cord of wood you might ask?

A cord is a unit of measurement for firewood. To measure firewood, you must stack it as tightly as possible with the pieces running parallel to one another. Wood stacked parallel is also called a running cord. Then, the volume of the wood is taken. It is typically 600 to 800 pieces of firewood.

When ordering wood for the winter the factors that you may want to note and discuss further with a member of our team are below:
• Is this for heating your home on an ongoing basis throughout the winter?
• Do you need ongoing recreational wood for a cabin or cottage? How often are you planning on being at that location in the coming months?
• Are you using a wood-burning stove or fireplace?
• Do you care about the ambience, the smell, and the sound of the burn?
• Are you wanting to just focus on the best heat source for your environment?

Below are some considerations to the questions above to guide you in the best firewood solution for you.

Types of Wood

A few factors determine the quality of firewood. Generally, the more you spend on firewood, the longer and hotter your firewood will burn. Firewood gets measured in BTU’s, which are British Thermal Units. The best way to understand this measurement is by the energy output released. The higher BTU’s, the more heat that you get from the firewood your burning. You’ll also experience less popping, less smoke, lower smoke density, cleaner burning, less residue, and less creosote build-up with higher-quality firewood. At Timber Ridge Firewood we offer several types to suit your needs.

Birch – Great for Indoors!

Birch Firewood

Recommended for – Anyone who wants a premium fire with low maintenance and an amazing all-around experience. Makes any firewood experience significantly better and we highly recommend everyone to try birch if you never have. You will not be disappointed.

Not ideal for – Someone who is looking for cheap firewood, without worrying about how it burns, or the overall value and experience with their firewood.

Softwood (Tamarack) – Versatile Indoor or Outdoor

Softwood Tamarack Firewood

Recommended for – People that want a premium fire with some crackling and popping for indoor or outdoor fires. You get a much longer burn time and more heat than lower-quality softwood firewood making the value of your wood go further than alternatives. Burning Tamarack has a pleasant atmosphere and aroma and is one of our top-quality choices for all family and recreational uses.

Not ideal for – Someone that wants no popping, crackling, or smoking. It is also not suitable for commercial cooking or smoking because of the amount of flame that comes off the wood, causing charring or burning. When cooking with any softwood, you can experience a piney or evergreen-like flavor in your food.

Cedar is Not a great heat source but perfect for Ambiance

Cedar Firewood

Recommended for – Anyone who wants a lovely sweet smell and atmosphere around the fire. Cedar is very aromatic, making it great for social gatherings, festivities, and the holidays.

Not ideal for – People using it as a heat source for indoor fires. You do not get the same indoor heating value when burning cedar because of its fast and hot burn. It is suitable for indoor burning for smell and atmosphere, but as a specific heat source, it is not as efficient as alternatives.

Pine (outdoor recommended only)

Pine Firewood

Recommended for – Anyone happy with a mid-grade burn for an outdoor burning experience. You will get a moderate amount of smoke, crackling, and popping but an overall enjoyable burn quality.

Not ideal for – Someone that is looking for a high-quality burning with very low smoke, crackling, and popping. We do not recommend lodgepole pine to be used indoors due to residue and creosote build-up. However, when in a pinch, you can use it as an alternative when you run out of premium firewood.

Timber Ridge Firewood is a family-owned and operated firewood company that offers our services to Calgary and Surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on GREAT QUALITY FIREWOOD, FINE ATTENTION TO DETAIL, AND AMAZING SERVICE that educates the buyer on wood quality and wood quantities for their needs.

At Timber Ridge Firewood, we believe in customer care. By working with us you will receive a personalized experience and get the benefits of building a long-term relationship with a company that cares about you. Reach out and contact someone from our team for assistance on your next firewood purchase.


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Timber Ridge Firewood is a family-owned and operated firewood company that offers our services to Calgary and surrounding areas. Nicholas and Steven Boivin are the founders and owners of the company. We work diligently to create the easiest and best firewood experience for all of our clients.