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Calgary Firewood Company Serving for Three Generations

Timber Ridge Firewood is a family-owned and operated firewood company that offers our services to Calgary and Surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on GREAT QUALITY FIREWOOD, FINE ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND AMAZING SERVICE.





Alberta Lodgepole Pine

Our Alberta Lodgepole Pine is cut dead standing and naturally seasoned then tested with moisture meters to ensure optimal moisture level for burning. It comes from Water Valley, AB and is processed with a Firewood processor making it reasonably consistent Read More

Premium Kiln Dried BC Cedar

Our Kiln Dried BC Cedar is a beautiful wood for social gatherings, festivities and burning indoor. Cedar burns very hot with a pleasant aroma, moderate smoke, moderate sparking and a fairly quick burn. All processed... Read More

Kiln Dried BC Larch/Douglas Fir

Larch and Douglas Fir are premium softwood firewood with high density and premium quality burning. They provide a long and hot burn with low smoke, crackling and popping. Burning this wood leaves a pleasant aroma and scorching coals Read More

Naturally Seasoned AB/BC Birch

We stock premium silver birch firewood available for pick or delivery in Calgary and Surrounding Areas. Our birch firewood is cut to 16″ lengths, consistent in size, dry and ready to burn for all of your firewood needs. Read More

Kiln Dried BC Yellow Birch

We offer Kiln dried BC Yellow Birch Firewood. It is high-quality premium firewood at 16″ lengths and consistent in size. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor burning experiences with low smoke, high heat, long burn time and a pleasant aroma. Read More

Naturally Seasoned BC Orchard Apple

We stock premium orchard apple firewood that is sourced from Summerland BC. This wood is perfect for cooking, smoking or indoor heating. Lovely to use for barbecuing, smoking, in a pizza oven or classic wood-fired oven. Read More



Customer Care & Fine Attention to Detail. What Timber Ridge Firewood Is All About.
Firewood Timber Ridge

Customer Care & Fine Attention to Detail. What Timber Ridge Firewood Is All About.

Have you ever dealt with companies that make you feel like your just another transaction? Like your only purpose is…
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Receive Customer Guaranteed Value! The Important Things You Didn’t Know About Measuring Firewood Quantity

Receive Customer Guaranteed Value! The Important Things You Didn’t Know About Measuring Firewood Quantity

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How Could You Compare a Ferrari to a Honda!? How to Choose The Right Firewood That Suits Your Needs.

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Highly Recommend

We order our birch from here and it is the best clean burning (no popping) wood we have found. The service team is excellent and go out of their way to accommodate our delivery needs Highly recommend!

Julie P.

Friendly and Organized

I’ve been to Timber Ridge a few times now and keep going back. I’ve actually had other campers stop at my site asking where it came from because it’s cut so well. I’ve had both their pine and yellow birch and been very happy with the size and it’s dry. On site it’s organized in sections and they help you load it or they offer delivery. Very friendly staff and responsive to inquiries. Way more economical than buying from others I’ve seen especially a campground!

Jason R.

Prime Firewood with Epic Service

Prime Firewood, Epic Service, Efficient Deliveries! Look no further for the best in town!! Not to mention the lads running TimberRidge are good guys running a good business! Keep up the excellent work chaps!!! Magic

Gregory K.

Easy and Quick Delivery

I have used Timber Ridge a few times in the past for firewood. I have purchased 1/4 cord Yellow Birch and Larch. In all cases the experience was easy and quick and the delivery was scheduled shortly after purchase. The firewood was as expected and I considered it high quality. I would definitely buy from them again.

Jay McConnell

Went out of their Way

They went out of their way to meet me with a couple bags of beautiful burning, clean wood, one day. This is a top notch company, with friendly, energetic staff! I will buy wood here again in the near future! 😉

Maurice Cardinal


Frequently Asked Questions

Firewood stacking upon delivery is an optional additional fee based on the access and quantity of wood that you are receiving. Please inquire for exact pricing.

A cord of firewood is the standard measurement used to break down how much wood you will be receiving in the firewood industry. A standard cord measures out as 4ft by 4ft by 8ft for 128 cubic feet of firewood. A cord splits into increments including ⅛, ¼, ⅓, ½, ¾ and Full Cord.

Naturally seasoned means that it was left out in the sun to dry naturally and not put through an artificial drying process.

Generally, density is the defining factor in what a soft and hardwood are. Softwoods pop more due to air pockets and moisture inside the wood, while hardwood fibres are more densely packed and leave little to no air pockets for popping to occur.

We use a firewood processor, so the majority of the wood is 16″ in length and then a mix of smaller and larger pieces in width.

The more premium the firewood generally, the slower it burns while still burning significantly hotter than a lesser species of wood. There is also usually less ash and residue leftover, depending on the kind of wood.

We work directly with you to identify the right species for your needs!