TR Portable Steel Fire pit


Timber Ridge Firewood has created an innovative design for a portable fire pit. The bottom catching tray and top grate act as a carrying case while the four walls fit inside the case and can be unfolded then slid together to create your fire pit. This design makes this fire pit portable to take with you anywhere you go and simple for set up, take down and clean up.

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Timber Ridge Firewood is proud to bring you an artisan-made portable firepit. This fire pit is composed of a bottom catching tray, a top grate for cooking over the fire, and four side walls two of which containing a laser-cut design to allow for optimal airflow. The raised fire pit and the laser-cut design allow for air circulation to keep your fires raging inside the pit.

This design is made from solid steel and finished with a black powder coat to provide the highest quality and finish possible for a metal product. We take pride in the durability of our fire pits because they were built to last forever.