TR Outdoor Artisan Firewood Rack

From $250.00

Timber Ridge Firewood has created slick black firewood racks from solid steel, that are meant to last and reduce the amount of space needed to store your firewood. Having a black powder coat finish to keep looking new throughout the years and withstand Canadian winters.


Timber Ridge Firewood is excited to bring you an artisan-made firewood rack. This firewood rack is capable of fitting 10.5 cubic f.t. (1/12 Cord) of wood. Highly recommended for maximizing storage in a condensed space.

This design is made from solid steel and finished with a black powder coat to provide the highest quality and finish possible for a metal product. We take pride in the durability of our firewood racks because they are built to last forever.

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 0.37 × 0.61 × 1.22 in

Individual, Pair