Lucky 7 Large Kiln Dried BC Cedar Firewood Bag Bundle Deal


Cedar is beautiful aromatic firewood that sets a great atmosphere when burning. When you buy 7 kiln-dried BC Cedar firewood bags you get 1 additional cedar bag for free. These are 1.5 Cubic foot firewood bags with an average length of firewood at 16″. Approximately 50% larger than your average gas station.

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These firewood bags are made from beautiful BC red cedars. The wood is processed with a firewood processor, sifted and then kiln-dried to ensure premium quality. When burning cedar, you will find it burns very hot but quite quickly. It has moderate amounts of smoking and popping while burning. Cedar allure and why people love it are how aromatic it is and its atmosphere while burning. This firewood is fantastic for hosting, social gatherings and any other indoor or outdoor event.

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