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Commercial Products –

Timber Ridge Firewood is now bagging firewood for wholesale and commercial distribution. We offer competitive prices, unprecedented flexibility and quality control to ensure you get the highest quality product with consistent volume fulfillment. We are always open to new firewood opportunities and are eager to serve.

We are ready to fulfill short-term orders or create long-term relationships with the ability to supply year-round.

These bags are the perfect items for commercial retail in convenience stores, department stores, and grocery stores.

Process – 

Currently, we are stocking 1.0 Cubic ft. bags. We have softwood firewood bags available for purchase.

To stock your storefront, we provide you 40 stacked bags of kiln-dried softwood per pallet. These firewood bags guarantee the highest quality assurance for your customers so that they have a pleasant burning experience and return to your store every time they need firewood.

We are capable of providing these bags directly to the store or through a distributor for re-distribution. Our process and supply chain can consistently supply large volumes of firewood bags year-round.

For our restaurants, bakeries, and other establishments that may use wood for indoor cooking or baking, we have bulk Birch hardwood. Birch is perfect for having a consistent fire over a long period with minimal clean-up. We are looking to add to our already thrilled list of establishments we are serving, such as The Nash, Notables, Rocky mountain flatbread, Cochrane flatbread and more.

If you are interested or for more information, please call

Steven Boivin  at (403) 831-7135 

Nicholas Boivin at (403) 461-6912

Alternatively, please email us at Timberridge.firewood@gmail.com